Would You Do All You Can Do to Provide the Intel on Ultrabooks?

There have been numerous out of home executions created by brands to promote a product while also providing easy content creation for other media. Intel is just one of the latest to bring some interesting executions to the public.  Taking place in Asia/Pacific, Intel is trying to create additional awareness about Ultrabooks, the new lightweight, ultra-strong laptops (effectively, PC’s answer to Apple’s Macbook Air) that their processors support by tempting users. While the campaign does drive awareness about the idea of what the product is, it is not all that it can be in conveying what Ultrabooks actually are.

Posited as social experiments, the campaign set up six situations that were meant to tempt people to do different things in order to get their own Ultrabook. The resulting videos of executions around the region are fun and there were some that actually garnered a crowd – – and marketing loves a crowd. The thing that rubbed me the wrong way was that they did not really tie what people were doing to what the product actually does.  I can see there being confusion about Ultrabooks and the question regarding whether intel is now in the consumer products business with their own line of laptops.

They did a great job at drawing some crowds and even coming up with some spiffy ways to “tempt” people. Where they didn’t do all they could have done, was in tying the feats to the capabilities of the new Ultrabooks.  With six temptations – Daring, Powerful, Persuasive, Excited, Determined and Persistent – they didn’t optimize the programming to really convey that the batteries last longer (power), the boot up speeds are ridiculously fast (Persistent), great video graphics (Excited) and so on.  Surely, they could have tied those things.  I don’t know what they could have tied the idea of “Daring” to, but anything would have been better than the idea of people breaking glass to feel like they are stealing the laptops.

Again, it was a fine program with some interesting entertainment qualities.  But, when asking consumers, “What would you do to get an Ultrabook?” they didn’t really make it clear why they would want one in the first place…


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