Without Consistency in Star Wars, What’s The Limit?

We all know what kind of uproar there was surrounding the release of Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the STAR WARS Saga – while there was a lot of excitement and anticipation, the end product was a tad underwhelming.  The fervor was there, especially after episodes IV, V and VI became such a huge part of our culture. Creator, George Lucas took a lot of heat from going back on his promise to never change his original films when he retouched them for their coinciding theatrical re-release and DVD releases. So, it should be such a shock that the filmmaker would go back into the vault to mess with the originals and create 3D versions.  I’m sure that the 3D release of Episode 1 today and the surely forthcoming 3D refreshes will make loads of money, but is it worth the price of consistency?

With that being said, I couldn’t pass up on celebrating the changes in Darth Vader’s graphic interface that our friends at Oskoui+Oskoui created.  If Lucas can mess with the mythology, then why can’t everyone else?  Please select your interface, but know that a 2 year contract is required…

The Blackberry InterfaceWindows 7 Interface


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