Even The Small Can Make A Big Statement

In this case, small does not describe the people or the cause – just the size of the organization. And the Statement is about the campaign that uses creativity to break through the clutter to ensure that you’re heard.  In the case of Access Israel – an NGO that has been set up to advocate for handicapped accessibility throughout Israel.  Effectively representing 700,00 people (or roughly 10% of the population) a small team of 8 has been making gains to increase accessibility.  Their site explains their challenge thusly:

With four office-workers and four-field workers our organization is a small, efficient, understanding unit. All of the above activity is carried out under the rubric of a Non-Profit organization that receives limited government funds, donations, and fees from consultation services.

Since we know who we are, what we want, and how to achieve this… our fight is one of revisionism. We are trying to change the status-quo and are doing it incrementally—step by step. For us true success means that accessibility will be THE status-quo.

 Other than lobbying, one of their key components is driving Awareness and it seems they have made strong (if not risqué)choices in advertising to ensure that they can make a big statement cost-effectively.

An example of their strong choices is the ad campaign to not only promote the availability of handicapped parking spaces, but also the attempt to keep those who don’t need them out of them.  If you check closely at the sign in front of the space, you’ll see the creative choice that makes the message stand out.  The image detail below along with the copy line, “Its easy to park in a handicap spot, but do try to resist the urge,” represents a pointed wordplay and representation of what you’re effectively doing by taking one of the handicapped spots.

I don’t know how much placement this print ad got or whether there was video play on television, so I don’t know how much of an ultimate impact it had. The organization engaged Geller-Nessis, Publicis to execute the campaign and it was nice to see that the organization was a little edgy in creating awareness.  The execution was simple and to the point and welcomed people to find out more about them.

The small team seems to be making strides by making smart decisions about their creative to allow them to get their clear message to be heard among much larger interests.  They are showing that size doesn’t really matter.


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