Ripe For Dissection – Kraft’s Brain Power

Jell-O's Brain Power

Halloween is here and the temptation to just do some simple, silly post about something scary or spooky showing a few images was tempting until coverage of Kraft’s Halloween Social programs came into view.  A piece in MediaPost’s Marketing Daily by Karlene Lukowitz really focused on the key pieces where Kraft succeeded when so many brands fail on seasonal social campaigns. Many fail because their social components are too compartmentalized – whether by platform, subject or vertical. Kraft’s success is even greater because they have SO MANY products under their umbrella, the incorporation of all of them could have been sterile or disjointed.  Instead, they were able to leverage existing and new social components like a Dr. Frankenstein – if he had actually been able to keep his creation around longer than a fortnight.

Some could say it starts with brains – Jell-O brain molds – but those are really just an end product.  The success of the campaign is seen in the fact that with the stronger integration with all of Kraft’s social outlets, they are reporting around 33,000 molds have been ordered, as compared to the 12,000 flag molds that were ordered for the 4th of July.  With that, they have also seen an uptick in sales of the Jell-O products in stores. It could be that Jell-O is more synonymous with Halloween celebrations – or their brain molds – but they did also work well to incorporate all of Kraft’s other relevant brands in recipe programs, and the like, to provide a more holistic and relevant interaction with the social community.

Jell-O is not the only Kraft brand in the scary picture.  Oreos is completing its 20th year of releasing orange-filled cookies, Mallows is offering pumpkin-flavored products and Kool Aid went so far as to key into a discussion topic on their Facebook page and brought back a decade-“Dead” flavor – Ghoul-Aid Scary Blackberry.  Of course they announced that across all of Kraft’s Social channels as well.  Those channels incorporated games to unlock more treats for its users and really took advantage of a circular motion of information – not just a means to put information out to users, but taking information of what they want, in.

Too often, Brands compartmentalized their social programs that do not make for smooth transitions from one to the next and causing fans to ignore or disengage.  By forming an overall strategy that can fluidly move from season to season, product to product and buzz to buzz, all groups can be activated in relevant ways that can only help to build and strengthen those communities.  Remember too, that it is not just about your Facebook and Twitter accounts or even YouTube and other sites, but also outreach to bloggers, digital PR and traditional PR that play a key in success – whether by normal or Ghoulish means.

Happy Halloween!


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