Obama Sets The Social Table

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, the Obama team used Facebook, Twitter and other digital media/social outlets perfectly to generate support in ways we had never seen in politics before.  As the President sets out to win re-election, he is reaching back into the same well – or is he?

The Obama campaign has set up a Tumblr blog that is certain to be a bit more dynamic – or at least much more peppered with dissent – than their social outreach the last time around.  It seems, so far, that they are doing the right thing by allowing complaints about the economy or negative views – enabling true communication and engagement.  Looking at the page today, there are the obligatory calls for donations and opportunities to become a part of the campaign in the right column with the running posts by people inside and outside of the campaign in the main content body.

It is certainly an attempt to connect again with those under 30.  With most of the posts having to do with young students and graduates trying to get a job, they are seemingly hitting that target – if the posts are genuine and not just plants.  The blog has only been live for a couple of days, so it remains to be seen if it can build that discussion platform to draw the under-30s back into the fold. 

There will be a lot of happy-go-lucky campaign photos and posts to soften any body blows, but it really comes down to how open the communication is to determine whether this is a success.  Ultimately, it is the campaign that gives the most people engagement opportunities that will win this next election.  As of yet, other than Obama, nobody has really come to the Social table.


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