Everyone’s New Best Friend

After selling more than 4 Million units in 3 days, iOS5 and the iPhone 4S have introduced us to a new best friend – Siri.  The lucky few have begun their relationship already and the rest of us are pining for it.  Siri is there to help each and every one of us as we ask questions and Siri attempts to answer them.  The cool thing is that it is adaptive and will only get smarter as more people become friends with it.

Luckily, even those of us without the pleasure of a formal introduction get to enjoy the sly remarks and recommendations from Siri by way of sites like Siri Funny.  Of course, the sites have already begun popping up for people to share their conversations with their new best friend.  Some sites entered the fray even before Siri was able to meet its new 4 million friends this past weekend.

Here’s just a few good ones…


Too bad marketers can’t manipulate Siri’s responses… or can they?

Have fun with your new friend!


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