The Sonic Resurgence of Detroit?

A few weeks ago at ad:tech London, Amelia Torrode of VCCP focused on how Detroit is reinventing itself as a city. The city’s professional sports teams are either in the MLB Playoffs (Tigers) or undefeated in the NFL (Lions) and the main industry, Automotive, is showing signs of a resurgence.  In all cases, they seem to have been able to get back to basics with an eye toward the future and recognzing that change is good.  The most recent example can be found in Chevrolet’s campaign for the new Chevy Sonic. 

Chevrolet is launching their campaign entirely in interactive and digital formats without even beginning the on-air and traditional campaign until next year.  Aiming to meet the interest of 18-30 year olds, Chevrolet is hoping the multi-factored “Let’s Do This” campaign hits just the right spot. 

With a mix of digital partnerships like custom playlists on Pandora or custom videos on Funny or Die and an online game that will go live on the 15th of October (, they are hoping to really build upon the excitement and interest in Chevrolet among a key demographic.  Already buoyed by the popularity of the Cruze model – the fourth best-selling car amond ages 25 and less, Chevrolet is out to prove that you don’t need to get a foreign car to find one that is economical, fun to drive and also look good.

As this campaign has yet to really begin, it will be interesting to see how it takes on.  With spots conveying a high-octane action bent that seems to be synonymous with the turbo-charged 40MPG car and challenges for digital participants via video contests and mobile apps, it should be a strong case study in the least.

After years where Detroit auto makers were stuck in their ways not meeting the needs of the consumers, they are really starting to be smart and show off new designs and strong campaigns to make their models more highly sought after.  There is still a challenge ahead, but its good to see that they have begun the resurgence by eschewing tradition and taking a bit of a leap outside of the box.


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