The iPhone 5 In Your Dizzying Future

The anticipation is about to come to an end, we hope.  Tomorrow, Apple will be doing a presentation and the assumption is that its squarely about the iPhone 5.  It is hard to remember any product update that has built such a stir as this iPhone 5 – if it is what the announcement is tomorrow.  Any other company would be lucky to have such large and elongated buzz about a product that people have no real clue about.  All of the conjecture and buzz has left many feeling dizzy, perhaps even queasy and with the general feeling that we are all looking up, waiting for a blur to drop in our hands to become the answer to everything.

Buzz began a LONG time ago about this product with “experts” stating its functionality, upgrades, design, etc.  Many agencies have been talking about what they will be able to pull off with the technical features of the iPhone – and we really have no clue.  For something like this to be so hot for so long, its amazing that no real sneak peeks have surfaced or been leaked.  Will it have RFID for more easily implemented Near Field Communications?  So many people have been talking about this as a functionality, that it is almost a foregone conclusion – we won’t know whether to laugh or cry if it doesn’t have that feature.  Certainly a lot of banks and retailers will be quite devastated if it doesn’t as they look to roll out more usage of digital wallets.  There have been so much speculation, including processors, Dual CDMA and GSM, screen size, face recognition security features, estimates on when the phones would hit stores and more.  This iPhone4U page has a dizzying set of updates that just highlights the speculation insanity. You would think that Golden Tickets are coming via chocolate bars.  The fact that the UK event is reported to be at the Covent Garden Apple store that I walked past 5 times over the last two weeks (after never passing it prior) makes me feel like I missed the chocolate bar by “that much.”

We’ll find out tomorrow if it is the game changer most are hoping for – or an update to the iPhone 4 that leaves everyone dismayed.  The interesting thing is that the model doesn’t even have to really do much to make a difference – its been anticipated for so long, it doesn’t even really have to.  Verizon users have been waiting for the phone since they started selling iPhones because most users decided to wait out the rumoured iPhone 5.  Much to everyone’s dismay, it did not follow the usual 12 month release cycle.  Sprint has even terminated its Premier program and is already rumoured to be looking at ways to bypass their all-inclusive pricing they have spent millions of advertising dollars on in their most recent campaign.

If we believe the rumours, there will be a mass exodus from Android phones to iPhones.  AT&T was excited about the iPhone pick up because they felt iPhones were outselling all of their Android phones combined.  They got into the game and have been sourly disappointed due to the reasons stated above.

The case study/s from this release should be the MBA standard for decades to come as there has not been anything like this in recent memory.  Fuzzy images of pieces of product presumed to be the iPhone 5.  Confusing discussions about an iPhone 4S product that may or may not come to light. Consumers holding off on buying until a new model comes out.  Employees of AT&T supposedly being told they can’t take vacations for the month of October. There hasn’t been this much anticipation for the past 5 Super Bowls combined.

Let’s see if the reality matches with the rumour tomorrow.  Hopefully, everything will be clearer so that we may finally rest regarding the iPhone 5 and turn our energies to what really matters – iPhone 6.

UPDATE – While there are some OS, Processor and Storage updates that were announced today for the iPhone 4S, it certainly was not what people were hoping for – especially all of those who were really believing that the RFID or Near Field Communications breakthrough would happen with an iPhone enabled technology.  Perhaps that’s why Sprint took out their 12 month update feature because they knew a lot of people would get this 4S and then want the 5 when and if it ever came out.  With all the anticipation for an iPhone 5, it certainly seems like a let down and much ado about nothing…even if there are some good new features with the 4S.


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  1. First time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

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