More Competition Wins!

Last night in New York City, the OMMA Awards were presented.  We won two of them!

 Predators – Home Entertainment Release | Agency: Think Jam | Client: 20th Century Fox – Home Ent

Think Jam 20th Century
There’s nothing subtle about Think Jam’s takeover promoting the DVD and Blu-ray release of Predators – it’s kill or be killed. That’s because the ad turns into a shooter game in which a user gets to choose from a selection of high-powered weapons to take down an alien marauding across the home page. It’s not every day you get to see green blood splattered on the screen. The creative “gameification” employed is well-suited to the subject and its young-skewing audience.

  • This execution was conceived by me and its execution and media planning was overseen by me working with Think Jam, Moxie (US Media) and Vizeum/PHD (Global Media).  My idea was to approximate what happens in the film – where people are taken out of their normal lives and dropped right in the middle of the action.  We were able to execute this creative in 5 markets around the world.


 Fox Home Entertainment, Fight Club Spoof | Agency: Break Media | Client: Fox Home Entertainment

Fight Club Spoof

I am Jack’s funny bone. Tickle me and Jack may buy your movies on Blu-ray. If senior citizens performing the “I want you to hit me as hard as you can” scene from Fight Club make Jack laugh, well, then he very well may go around clicking through to watch a high schooler’s video rendition of the dog-fighting scene from There’s Something About Mary and any of the other five videos Fox Home Entertainment and Break Media made to promote Fox’s back catalog of films. Just remember: Don’t Mess With The Originals.

  • I was the Executive Producer on this working with the Fox Home Entertainment brand and media teams, Break and Moxie to guide the direction of this series of videos to best drive interest in the original catalog titles on Blu-ray.
Now we look forward to the Key Art Awards as the next major award opportunity for previous projects…

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