Nielsen’s Major Technology Goof

While the day played out in London ad:tech quite nicely with solid speakers, engaged audiences and varied exhibitors, it was somewhat of a shock to come back to the hotel to see that Nielsen’s technology might have led to a major goof that may lead to discrediting of technical advances.  The fact that the goof relates to established television tracking is a little bit understandable as they provide more information in their new nPower Platform – which tracks C3 or time shifted viewing.  Unfortunately, the major problem is that the problem could be from as long ago as January 31st.

Was it because of lax oversight in the system?  Will it cause networks to build back their research team so that they are not reliant on 3rd party providers?  With Nielsen trying to push their Facebook Panel and other metrics systems for online, the technical snafu and the extended time before the problem was solved certainly leads to some major concerns as Nielsen looks to push further toward being that 3rd party solution for all advertising platforms.

At ad:tech, we focused a great deal on the constantly changing technology and all that it will allow us to do in storytelling, growth, extension, reporting and more.  It would be a shame if these situations – both the original gaffes and the lack of safety mechanisms – forced the industries to be any more wary of technology than they already are…


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