The Importance of the Details and Productivity

We’ve all been in meetings and – most likely – been bothered by someone pulling out their mobile devices and effectively mentally checking-out of the meeting (I did a video promoting MACHETE based on this common annoyance). During President Obama’s speech yesterday about his proposal for the generation of jobs and other economic stimulants, it was not comforting to see a congressman actively focused on his BlackBerry.  I wonder if the congressman heard Obama reference Twitter… Its one thing for a person to get distracted during a meeting discussing a product or its marketing, but during a meeting about trying to save a country?!



And, carrying on the photo theme heading into the weekend, what follows is an example of how there are many ways to tie your shoes.  The image was seemingly created and posted by the site Cuartoderecha.  There surely must be some comparison to solutions for business or marketing challenges.  The key is figuring out which one will actually make a difference.  Just coming up with other solutions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive.
Of course, with either of the items above, I leave it to you to determine for yourself which is ultimately more productive.

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