Sometimes, Its By Accident

With all of the ways in which to consume media and information, it is often refreshing to run into something of interest by accident.  This morning was just one of those times.  In a bizarre chain of events that led me to place my toddler daughter on my lap to watch the Beastie Boys INTERGALACTIC music video on youtube, we came across a listing for the OK Go Muppet Show Theme Song video with the Muppets that was just posted yesterday.

My daughter was attracted to the image of Kermit and I was attracted to the fact that OK Go always produces great videos.  The video is fun – with allusions to past OK Go videos and key elements of the Muppet Show.  There are so many inside jokes and references that I didn’t mind it when I was forced to watch it three times.

The video was presented with a VEVO skin that showed some of the Muppet characters in a Obey-type format with the link below it to check out the green album. 

Curiosity got the better of me – after she went off to begin her day – as I clicked that link to get to a site about the Green Album as I knew there was a movie coming out and figured it was something related.  But I didn’t understand why the film was not called out in the artwork.  it certainly seemed like a lot of Muppet representation for what seemed at initial sight to be an OK Go release.

I was definitely wrong about it just being OK Go.  It’s an entire cover album of so many of the beloved songs.  There was a track listing – and more importantly to me, a link to a movie site.

The movie site showed a couple of trailers, including one named THE FUZZY PACK.  The reason this stands out is that it really speaks to the sweet spot demographic that grew up as fans of the original Muppet movies and THE MUPPET SHOW.  The style absolutely plays to that audience and adds an alternate twist to the brand without demeaning it.  They used smart editing to create a lot with a little.  it was a much better manipulation of brand than what other well known brands for the same target generation – where a certain dark lord is made to look foolish in the attempt to attract a broader audience.

This Muppets effort is compelling for a number of reasons:

  • It didn’t dumb down  or alter the brand to try to broaden an audience – it was true to its core with the belief that the audience is smart enough to get it – both the aged fans and the new ones.
  • Whereas many campaigns would hammer film release dates down our throats with any anciliary release, this experience left that up to discovery.  They relied on the hook of the initial entry point to lead the user down a path to the end.  With a brand like this and the audience they were going for with the initial music video, anyone who wouldn’t want to find more wouldn’t have been affected by the release date if it was plastered on that VEVO skin to begin with.
  • The style and taste of every component was consistent – even with the elements being presented as part of the record label and the studio.  There was a sense of self-parody from the frames of the first music video through to the last frame in the last trailer on the movie page that calls out that it is yet another parody.  From before Kermit appeared in an underwear parody of Marky Mark, Pardoy has been a driving force in the Muppet universe.

It certainly was an accident that I cam across the music video in the first place – some would say that it had to do with Disney’s placement.  I would say that it was their placement that helped me find it and enabled me to explore more. 

Much of what happens online and in the digital space is by accident.  It’s up to the good marketers to set themselves up in a position to take advantage of those accidents.


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