MediaMind Brings An Exciting Possible Twist to the Future

On the same day I was writing about what the future can hold with Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and its set-top box business, MediaMind announced a partnership with Impossible Software in a new form of video versioning that could assist in making what I wrote about a reality.  The partnership will enable advertisers to change features within videos based on where the person is viewing the ad, what time it is, exact demographic and more.

The press release goes into the details a little bit with versioning ability seen in text, images, sound and video at run-time.  While this technology is a step up from what MediaMind and other rich media companies were offering in just standard online ad placement – since it can affect the video and its contents to make it more specific to its audience – it is certainly a solid step toward dynamic placement of directed content in commercial pods on television.  It actually provides another option I didn’t present.  That new option with this technology could allow for everyone to see the same ad on a national scale, yet see local information appear dynamically upon airing.

There are definitely technical considerations that would need to be ironed out as online video is handled differently from broadcast and cable video, but the possibilities for the future are exciting.  It is a chance for advertisers to combine the personal and the emotional.  Of course, they will still have to create ads that build the emotional connection, but this provides a solid seed for enhancing that relationship.


One response to “MediaMind Brings An Exciting Possible Twist to the Future

  1. We’re very excited about the partnership with MediaMind as well. Soon web advertisers will be able to have their video ads customized, on the fly, for the demographics and context of the viewer. Preliminary studies have already found that consumers find embedded ads less intrusive… and have better recall to boot.

    And you are quite correct — it’s well within our capabilities already to do a national ad containing local information, with the local information being per-market text, sound, pictures, or even video in video. Note that the market may be a market of 1… this is true in mobile as well as the addressible STB (Canoe) experiments now ongoing at MSOs. It’s also true in IPTV (GoogleTV) as you pointed out. We did precisely this sort of campaign on mobile with an appliance retailer in Germany, modifying the video to feature the deal of the day at the particular store in the city of the user.

    Yes, there are some technical barriers to getting the interfaces just right, but we’ve already solved the hard part — the “impossible” thing — of scaling to deliver hundreds of custom streams simultaneously in real time! More to come!

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