Talk About Bad Timing

I was checking out a post from my friend David Berkowitz of 360i about a new social site called Pinterest.  It’s always good to have someone you trust give positive feedback on a new site – and even better for a site to have an influential person commit a few hundred words to their site.

Now, check all that when your site goes down on the day of the post or the day after…

As I was reading the post, it was fitting right into what I wanted to cover in my own post about how social is becoming more visual – vis-a-vis and Tumblr – and not just about users thoughts and location updates or Facebook Posts.

Granted, I did not know anything about the craze of “Pinning” before reading David’s blog.  He describes it as

“some of the latest finds on Pinterest, the site behind the “pinning” craze stoking people’s passions like few things I’ve encountered online.

Pinning is really simple. Through your browser, you bookmark or pin anything that interests or inspires you. In doing so, you pick a relevant image for the pin and then assign it to one of your pinboards. You can create an infinite number of pinboards around any topic you like. It starts getting really interesting once you find other people to follow (I’m hardly the best pinner on the planet, but you’re welcome to follow me if you need to start somewhere; you’re better off following Pinterest’s tastemakers). Whenever you go to Pinterest, you can see the latest pins from people you follow, and you can like, comment on, or repin any of those pins. Better yet, you don’t have to follow everything someone does; you can just pick one of their boards. You can also allow others to collaborate with you on pinboards.”

I was finally able to get on to the site and it is interesting to be able to follow people’s images in different categories – something I thought was missing from Pictograph. It certainly makes things simple and takes full advantage of the fact that pictures are worth a thousand words.  They’ve done a nice job of separating by subject and user to allow simple searches…

It’s just too bad that their servers were having issues.  It used to be a thing of pride to have a server go down back in 1999, but at this point, it’s just embarrassing.



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