The Tweet Sides of a Disgusting Coin

To say that the riot occurring in London are sickening is an understatement.  To even attempt to justify any of it for political reasons feels like a cop-out and overall embarrassment – but we’re not here for politics.  What is alternatively unsettling and comforting is the use of social networrks like Facebook and Twidtter to organize both the rioters (ne hooligans) and those who would show up the following morning to help clean up.
I have only heard of those calls to riot and seen the insane image below DON’T PANIC :: DON’T TALK showing the “How To” escape detection after such Looting – Dare I say this is an example of “traditional social media”?:
Luckily, I don’t really have access to the newspapers because it just seems like they’re going to be sensationalist and whip things into a fury without self control.  it seems like some of the stronger information is coming from people tweeting and blogging giving their view of what’s happening.  In one instance, a gentleman named James Cridland set up a map that tracked what was going on via twitter feeds, police reports and blogs- which now seems to have given way to a map managed by The Guardian.
As Twitter was used to organise the rioters, it was also used to bring people together for clean-ups using hash tags like riotcleanup.
In beautiful – and perhaps cliche’d – fashion, Jo Abbess from London tweeted: Thinking about street kitchens. Anybody want to help me serve tea somewhere ? #riotcleanup #riotscleanup #riots #LondonRiots
Hopefully,the insanity will end quickly and whatever can be learned and changed for the better from this will happen and we can all just gather for a nice bit of tea…
FOLLOW UP:  I spoke to a friend in London who tracked Twitter into the night last nght (August 9th) and while there were tweets about stores being looted or places being destroyed, when he went out this morning, he saw proff that many of them were fabrications…

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