Better Sight

Vision has been on my mind a lot lately and not the esoteric kind – business or creative vision – but the real, tangible kind – what we see.  It absolutely has to do with the fact that I am going to have a laser blasting into my eyes in a couple of hours as part of the LASIK surgery I am having done today.  The appreciation of what we can see and how well we see it crystallizes and, no matter how many times the doctor has done the procedure, there is always a wonder of how it can positively or negatively change our lives.  I would be foolish if I were to not have even a fleeting concern that something could go horribly wrong – and not just because of the FINAL DESTINATION 5 Trailer

I realize that what happens in the trailer will not happen – it’s a horror film for crying out loud – but the fact that my eyesight is being changed by physically shooting lasers into my eyeballs has led to quite a bit of introspection.  It really focuses my thought on what I can see now and what would happen if I were to lose that sight.  Oddly, it also emphasizes what I am not seeing.  What is right in front of me that I can’t see properly even with glasses?  How much is stuff that I choose not to see?

Last night, as I was laying in bed while my wife watched TV, I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be without any sight.  I could hear everything, but only saw darkness.  Suffice it to say, I had mild anxiety.  Seeing is such a huge part of what I am all about.  What happens when that is taken away?  But really, the anxiety felt a little bit like the concern I have when clients are not open to seeing the challenges or solutions that are right in front of them – whether it is the client that doesn’t understand how integral and multifaceted the world of social media has become and dismisses its merits out-of-hand or the client who doesn’t want to act upon the closer-than-believed notion that the line between digital marketing and distribution is very quickly disappearing.

What was different for me – and comforting – was that I immediately started thinking about things I would do to make something that sucks (losing your sight) easier to deal with.  It would certainly be devastating to lose my sight and not be able to see my wife, my daughter, my world.  But I was already thinking about ways to help myself (and others) – like a machine that would effectively take the art that I love and transform it into something I can feel. While at first I thought of how much losing my eyesight would destroy me, I thought about what benefits I have – I’ve already been able to see.  I know what things look like;  what color conveys, what sizes really mean, what movement evokes.  It would just be a matter of converting that knowledge into a translatable form for the future.

So, ultimately, we have come to the esoteric as eyesight is no good without eyes open… and mind open.  Too often, we take things for granted.  We assume something as simple as grammar being correct in a document, so we pass over the fact that there was a mis-spelling.  We believe we’re seeing everything, so we look at the ocean and think that the sky and the water is all that’s there. We follow the same path every time and don’t realize that there’s always been an offshoot we could have travelled down. We feel we know all there is about our business, and fail at seeing what we are lacking or not grabbing on to.  Open eyes and open minds provide the imagination to be able to create what is not there – creatively, scientifically, medically, economically, you name it.

Regardless of what happens in a couple of hours, I am eager to see better. And, if I’m fortunate, help others to see even better as well.


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