A Window On The Future?

How cool!  How real?!

This LA Times article about some cool developmental technologies that are being developed for interaction with car windows like never before.  It is cool to see them in their own right and even cooler to think of future implications.

The first product is a concept being worked on by Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.  It allows the passengers to “interact” with the objects that pass by on the journey. The technology will (hopefully) be built into the window.

The other is a product that Cadillac is rolling out that enables users to interact with an “interactive window sticker” that requires a window film, a CPU and rear projection. It was developed by Fusion92.

Both are shown in video as part of the online post by Tiffany Hsu- you can check it out in further detail there

Obviously, the latter brings the marketing implication into full view, but the technical capabilities of the former concept opens up huge opporuntities – especially if both are coupled together. 

The same technology can help market the car prior to purchase while helping add value for those inthe backseat to play – or even better, do computing while on the move.  Could the same technology also allow owners to tint the windows to their tastes or skin their car for their own marketing messages – or even remove the need to draw on their windows to celebrate graduations or cheerleading?  Would these also have the capability to make the headrest monitors for the backseat passengers obsolete?

Again, it is truly exciting as we get closer to things we might have only seen in films as mere science fiction fantasy.  The possibilities are endless.


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