He’s Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It Anymore

Steve Smith’s post are enjoyable – especially when he gets pissed and goes on a rant.  It’s what many people do amongst friends, but not as part of their regular blog.

Most of Steve’s rant centers on the incredulousness that marketers seemingly expect consumers to jump through hoops to engage with brands – often with very little to show for it.  We sadly see this more often than not, and really, marketers should know better.  Perhaps it’s because of laziness, lack of concern or greater interest in just telling superiors they did something rather than do it well.

In the one post that focuses solely on mobile issues while he was waiting in airports, the targets of Steve’s wrath vary from “Like”ing faceless corporations, horrible banner creative, poor mobile ad design, cheesy film promotional partnerships, bad UI commerce linking, pain-in-the-butt sweepstakes entries and requests made of the consumer that don’t take the act of using mobile phones into account. 

There’s more and it just adds to the fun of reading this post that seems like it could have been so much longer.

While I don’t agree with Steve’s conceit that Brands should be working for me, not me for them, is my policy – Brands should be working WITH in addition to for the consumer – please feel free to read his post as 98% of it is spot on.

Sometimes, airports just suck…


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