Got PMS? Someone’s Got Some Time On Their Hands and Perhaps Even A Winning Campaign

A fun little campaign hit the streets that seems almost like a throw-away during a break in the larger Got Milk? campaign from the California Milk Processor’s Board.  The campaign was devised by Goodby, Silverstein out of San Francisco.

The whole premise is that milk can help relieve the challenges of PMS, and by targetting men, I guess it hopes to drive more consumption of milk by women.  And, this is where I think the campaign is a joke and all for fun as I can’t imagine any guy in his right mind suggesting milk to his partner when she is feeling the effects of PMS.  Unless, of course, the guy is just looking for trouble…

From what I understand, the campaign is only running for a few weeks and is pretty widespread across media – Billboards, Posters, Radio Ads, Online Banners, Websites, etc.  With that being said, the folks had a bit of fun putting together the site Not everything works well, but it gives the sense that it is rich in content and interaction.

Perhaps the funniest thing (or strongest, depending on how you look at it) is the online chatter about the campaign.  It has been picked up by many national outlets and has driven many discussions about whether it is funny or offensive.  Ultimately, as it is an advocacy group and not a brand, the possibility for backlash is limited because people would probably not stop drinking milk because they were offended by the ads – at least I hope not. All of this leads to my belief that this is a winning campaign in terms of engagement and awareness.  They took an opportunity to fill some open time in a campaign to have some fun and see what happens.

I don’t know how effective the campaign will be for increasing revenue.  At this point, I’ll never be able to get my wife to drink milk regardless of its benefits – and I risk losing her as a wife if I were to propose any solution for PMS while she’s in its throes.

But thanks for the entertainment and I’m sorry if I offended, demeaned, didn’t follow the meaning exactly or spoke out of turn.


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