Continuing on the Currency Theme…

Yesterday’s post focused on the consumer’s possible perceived value in reduced pricing for hardware and the benefits it can bring.

Today brings a release from Live Gamer (a gaming site) that they have created a new venture combining two companies they recently acquired: video game ad network Gamer DNA and engagement advertising platform Brandport (that will be renamed Ad Elements).  All of this will be under the newly named Live Gamer Media.

In a nutshell, it will allow targeted video placement against games and will provide instant incentives for gamers to view the ads.  in this case, the video ads will incorporate questions about the advertisement to further engage the user before rewarding them with an in-game item.

Their interface is compelling because it effectively banks the opportunities to gain credits in one place so that a user could view the ads outside of the gameplay environment on their own time.  Many other publishers’ incentives are interstitials during game play or actually integrated into the game.  Whether this will affect how finely targeted the impressions are remains to be seen – but it shouldn’t be that big of an issue as users can choose what they want to view anyway.  In the sample image, there would certainly be enough ads to sort through to find something that fits the user’s tastes.

Their initial metrics include 90%+ unaided brand & key message recall one week post engagement; 5%+ click-through rates on direct response companion ads, and 90%+ completion rates on video ads.

Andrew Schneider, president and co-founder of Live Gamer, states that “we’ve brought together the reach of display with the innovation and high-engagement levels of virtual goods incentive video – both gamers and advertisers win.”  They are not the first, but were smart in how they brought the pieces together strategically.

Besides the benefit to advertisers and consumers, it is nice to see a business make smart acquisition moves.  Hopefully, everyone reaps the benefits.


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