The Growing Currency – Feeding the Social Gamers’ Hunger

Besides the fact that Mitchell Reichgut is remotely related to me (his brother married my cousin), he’s a smart guy and as CEO of the Jun Group,  has become a leader in social video.  His company can provide the views that a video might not got if just left to the “viral” powers that be. And it’s not just about the money as most know it – it’s about the currency.  There have been other posts here about original content or video that could be passed along, but the only absolute is that there is never a sure thing when it comes to videos going viral.  In that case, what Jun Group has to offer is a welcome option for those who want to get their video seen in a cost effective (and generally effective) manner.

Mitchell touches upon some of the opportunities yet to come in the incredibly growing space of Social Gaming.  You can check out how the relationship with 290 Million plus people who are engaging with social gaming will only continue to strengthen through ways that really matter to them and social gaming becomes a mainstream advertising medium in his MediaPost entry The Serious Business of Social Games.  Just looking at the opportunities for growth with continuing success with video and the future of rewarding gamers through click-to-site programs, online coupons, e-tailing, promotions, contests, and sponsorships, it is exciting to think of the big future in this space by contextually and relevantly using the currency that social gamers are hungry for.


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