Zappos Succeeding in Relevant Retargetting Using Criteo

There is proof that some retailers get it and are doing retargetting well and not too invasively. As most people should know, many visits to sites and views of ads are being tracked – if only via a cookie on your computer – for retargetting purposes.  In some instances, its so stronger creative can be presented (like I had done for the UNSTOPPABLE Home Ent campaign).  In others, its simply crafted to get users to “come back” to the store and close the deal.  And, in the worst case, it is generic creative and messaging that is relevant only in subject, but nothing else.  An example of this is the fact that I still see ads for Lamps Plus even though I purchased lighting and installed it months ago.  As far as I’m concerned, its wasted impressions.

I did see a great ad unit today from Zappos.  It truly was no frills, but it was completely relevant – and it did not feel creepy.  I had been to the Zappos site looking at Adidas shoes the other day, so I was my interest was piqued when I saw some Adidas in an ad unit while reading about the Miami Heat.

The ad was extremely simple, but it presented similar types of shoes to what I had been looking for.  

It didn’t have to include a sell message other than the simple button and you see that it only has the retailer name at the bottom expressed simply.  One of the other great components is note at the bottom with “Why am I seeing these ads?” and “Learn More”

Upon clicking on Learn more, a new browser opens with clear explanations of their retargetting and it also provides opportunities to Opt Out.  We’ve mentioned Evidon as a technology provider for compliance in Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) that enables easy opting out, but in this case, the company Criteo does a great job in adding more in truly personalizing the targetting and making it more relevant to the actual “behavior” it targeted. Instead of just seeing that I visited Zappos, it actually shows on the explanation page what exact shoes I was looking at that made them present the shoes they did.  I only looked at Adidas during my visit to Zappos, so I don’t know what would have happened had I looked at a bunch of brands.  You can see some of the explanation page that I got to by clicking on Learn More in the image below.

Ultimately, the experience is more comfortable and favorable due to its simplicity, openness and relevance.  It was not a targetted spamming of irrelevant content, but something that might get me thinking again and bring me back to the store to place the order.

Certainly, a well placed and well executed impression. Even if the consumer does not make the purchase, it provides the opportunity for more brand or retailer loyalty.


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