Bubble Angst and Lessons From Previous Bubbles

Came across this interesting blog from Dave Morgan on MediaPost today. He captures my sentiments regarding the comparison of this current “bubble” to bubbles of the past. While there are still some evaluations that really make you scratch your head, WSJ did focus on one that’s pretty sound in GILT.  Their success, revenue and business model point to continued success, and their valuation does seem like it could end up being conservative.

Check out Dave’s blog here to see what you think.

The WSJ is in the business of piquing interest with headlines – aren’t we all to a certain extent? Just as Dave clarifies his connection to Gilt CEO Kevin Ryan, I must come clear with my connection to Gilt’s Chairman, Susan Lyne – with whom I worked closely more than a decade ago at ABC. But, I have also been a regular customer and am currently excited about a Robert Graham sportcoat I got at an amazing price that should be arriving any day now…


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