More Decisions When Seeing a Film

As if it weren’t hard enough to decide on a film to see, now with movies released in both 2D and 3D, that becomes even harder.  Do you perhaps travel further and pay more to see it in 3D? Or do you just pick whatever is most convenient.  I actually prefer to pick based on whatever the original intent of the movie was. AVATAR and RIO? Yes. CLASH OF THE TITANS and others? No. 

Disney stated they were going to do 3D in post for their classic movies and possibly re-release, but that didn’t go so well (I guess) when they did it for NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (I was excited beforehand and disappointed during and after) that they haven’t delivered as promised.

Again, the decision to 3D or Not to 3D many times comes down to studio and marketing decisions.  It’s an easy thing to tout 3D and the prices are certainly higher, but what is the lingering effect on the movie-goers?  It seems like too much of the get-it-while-its-hot mentality with diminishing returns on future releases that are meant for 3D.  We are already seeing audience fatigue and distrust when it comes to 3D and its only going to make it harder to get people into seats for those films that are truly meant for a 3D experience.

I am completely with James Cameron and his vocal charge against the post-production 3D. 

With today’s release of THOR, luckily there is a resource to help make your decision – Cinema Blend’s 7 point rating system To 3D or Not To 3D. I actually love how the perfect rating was 5/5 for the 7th point – AUDIENCE HEALTH – as the work was so insignificant or lame so as to not induce any real strain on the eyes or brain.


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