Almost Something Great, But Not There Yet…

Over breakfast with Ted Cohen this morning, he showed me an app on his iPad called Tour Wrist.  I had seen a video of the offering before, but it didn’t convey how cool it really is.  It seemed like the other 360 degree views that have been around for years with widely varying executional success.  Upon seeing it on Ted’s iPad, I was excited because I thought it was a function of anyone taking their iPad out and capturing all the imagery so that they could share it and others move their iPad to see exactly what the phtographer saw. Alas, I was thinking in a blue-sky dreamland. It requires a 360 camera set up, so unless you have an app and extension for that, you won’t be sharing your images from your trip to Hawaii in this fashion.

When viewing on an iPad or other mobile device, it is truly cool as you pivot yourself and the device and it looks as if it is a window into the other location.  It’s something that has been talked about with AR apps for iOS, but this one works really nicely – having nothing to do with setting anchor points in the live environment like many mobile AR executions require.

Here’s the thing, if you go to their site, it does a bad job of showcasing the user experience.  It shows people moving around with their iPads and iPhones, but it doesn’t take the time to show how they truly interact with the content on the devices. While it does go into more detail about the interface, it doesn’t convey the interaction and the people shown at the beginning and end of the slick video come off as seemingly “off-balanced”, excessively happy people.

There are already a number of companies using the app to show off locations, cars, etc. and they look nice, but here’s where the Tour Wrist can take it to the next level:

  • Effectively create an API so that this feature can be embedded in a company’s existing app or site – where the gyrometer functionality can still be used.  It’s too daunting to try to get consumers to download an app that just shows images this way – it’s not worth it to most…Make it an offering that does not require another app download.
  • Allow brands/advertisers to add notes to elements of the image to provide further details.  An example would be for the automaker to add tech specs close to the speedometer. Or, a hotel pointing out the included free snack bar amenities.
  • Hopefully, complete the development required for capturing the entire image from the device for the sharing of home-made experiences.

This could be quite successful for some larger brands and events, but a much slower uptake for use in general marketing.  Granted, if Peter Jackson were to do this with some of the set pieces of the HOBBIT that he is filming right now, I am sure there will be a HUGE spike in downloads of the app…

Check out details at Tour Wrist and make your own judgements.


One response to “Almost Something Great, But Not There Yet…

  1. Hi Jonathan …

    Thank you for recognizing the potential of TOUR WRIST for entertainment marketers and the need for an open TOUR WRIST API.

    Good news!

    Soon, millions of iPhone users will be able to shoot and share 360-degree virtual tour images – free! (Including from their vacation in Hawaii.) This will be possible because TOUR WRIST recently announced that it is opening its API in June 2011:

    And, yes, it would be way-cool for Peter Jackson to shoot 360-degree virtual tour behind the scenes of the making of THE HOBBIT to share via the TOUR WRIST platforms [(mobile:, (Web: and social]

    TV/Film and companies that integrate TOUR WRIST immersive experiences into their marketing, will also benefit from the buzz associated with leveraging new digital entertainment marketing technology, such as TOUR WRIST. Here are 10 ideas for TV/Film companies to leverage TOUR WRIST:

    Hopefully, Peter is a faithful reader of your commentary.

    Thank you for sharing your movie/entertainment meets brand activation meets innovation thoughts about TOUR WRIST.

    On behalf of TOUR WRIST,

    Dan Smigrod
    CEO & IDEAologist
    Atlanta, GA

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